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Kóczián Rita tetováló, majdnem mindenes
Rita Kóczián
Tetoválás kép
Németh Barbi tetováló
Barbi Németh
Tetoválás kép
Tillinger Lilla tetováló
Lilla Tillinger
Tetoválás kép
Fábián Péter tetováló
Péter Fábián
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RitaRita Kóczián (tattoo artist):


My name is Rita Kóczián, tattoo artist and graphic designer. I have been drawing, creating ever since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand. My interests are very wide, but animals and tattoos are closest to my heart. I was interested in creating tattoos for a long time, which now I do professionally at Green Skull Tattoo. My favorites are colorful designs with sharp contours, but I love to create in every style, because each holds a different challenge. In my work I try to get to know the customers needs and thoughts thoroughly, because that is how I can create the most personal design. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who wishes to get a new tattoo.

Peti TetoválBarbi Németh (tattoo artist):


My name is Barbie Németh, I was born in 1989. I was interested in the art of tattoos from an early age, but I got my first tattoo "only" at the age of 20. I started tattooing at Green Skull Tattoo in 2011, I have been working here ever since. In my experience women ofter prefer tattoo artists of the same gender. I am often asked to create cute, girly or feminine designs. I have to say I am extremely happy to fulfill these requests. I also like happy, colorful and fairytale-like themes and animals. For me, the most important thing is for the customer to leave satisfied with a new piece of art. Do not hesitate to contact me! :3

Lilla TetoválLilla Tillinger (tattoo artist)


My name is Lilla Tillinger, I'm a tattoo artist. I'm an open, curious person who is interested in a lot of things, but drawing and creating art was always part of my life. I got my first tattoo when I was 21 years old. I believe that tattooed art is a commitment for life and can be more than an appealing image, it can hold deeper meaning for the wearer. This makes it very important to thoughtfully plan each design, which I pay extra attention to during my work. I started tattooing at Green Skull Tattoo in the spring of 2015. My personal favorites are watercolor and realistic themes but I am open to all ideas and styles. I also love designs that include animals and nature. In my free time I play volleyball and spend time with my two dogs. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Peti TetoválPéter Fábián (tattoo artist):


My name is Peter Fabian, I have been tattooing since 2007. In my free time I draw a comic book series called Bloodlust. I started tattooing at home, but luckily I had the opportunity to start working in a salon, which gave me great momentum towards improvement. Occasionally I work in Germany as well, but of course most of my works are made in Hungary. As a qualified graphics designer I prefer to create the tattoo designs myself, continuously checking with the client to fulfill his/her idea. I'm open to all kinds of concepts and hope to meet you soon!


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