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Piercing Prices!

Piercing price list:                              complete
Ear (lobe)                                           3.000
Nose                                                  5.000            
Ear (upper arc)                                    5.000            
Tragus and inner arc                            5.000            
Bellybutton (navel)                              5.000            
Lip                                                    5.000            
Eyebrow                                             5.000            
Tongue                                              6.000           
Nipple                                                6.500           
Nasal septum                                      7.000          
Industrial (ear upper arc double)           7.000          
Orbit  (ear upper arc double)                7.000         
Nasal Bridge                                       7.000         
Cheek (face)                                      7.000         
Surface                                              7.000         
Genital                                         12.000-15.000

Stretching/mm                                    2.000

Microdermal                                        8.000

We give you the inserted jewel free of charges (except stretching).

For information or appointment call:


Contact us or visit us personally in our tattoo parlor / studio at: 1075 Budapest, Dob utca 1-3. Our contact details can be found by clicking the map on the right menu bar.

Prices are in HUF/Hungarian Forint


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