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Let us answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

Does getting a tattoo hurt? How much pain should I expect?

Getting a tattoo hurts. The amount of pain you will experience depends on the duration of your session, the placement of the tattoo and also on how high your pain tolerance is. So far all our client managed quite well! If you arrive rested and overall feel well you should be fine. Bigger pieces require multiple sessions.

Is the salon sterile, do you use sterile equipment?

Yes, we are certified by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service and only use sterile, single-use equipment.

Do I have to go in for a consultation?

Smaller tattoos may not require separate consultations, however, we strongly recommend you meet with your artist before getting your tattoo.

Can you finish an entire back piece in one session?

With extensive preparation this can be done, however, you might not be able to sit through such a long session and the healing process will be much more unpleasant. Bigger pieces are best completed over several separate sessions.

Do you do white ink tattoos?

Yes, you can get white ink tattoos at our salon, but with time your tattoo will fade and wear out since white ink is quite sensitive.

Can I get a semi-permanent tattoo?

If you are looking for something semi-permanent, we recommend body painting. Tattoos that completely disappear at the moment do not exist.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is 10000Ft. Prices of bigger pieces depend on the amount of time demanded.

Do you offer a guarantee for tattoos?

Yes, the price of your tattoo includes touch ups under guarantee. Be advised this only applies if you let us know about any error within 2 weeks of getting your tattoo! Within this time period we are more than happy to make corrections, we are, however, unable to fulfil such requests later on.

Do I pay an extra fee for the designing of my tattoo?

No, the designing of your tattoo is included in its price. No further costs should be expected.

Will you send the design before the appointment?

No, but you can come in person to check the design before the appointment if you prefer

Do you do coverups and corrections?

Yes, please book a consultation with your artist.

If you would like to get tattooed you can contact us HERE.


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